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U.S. Patent Office Awards Registered Trademark for Vault Selection Software

March 31, 2011

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U.S. Patent Office Awards Registered Trademark for Vault Selection Software

Trigard’s Personal TouchÆ burial vault selection system was recently awarded a registered

trademark by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

“Many people are not informed about what a vault is or why they need one. Personal Touch helps get that important information out to the families we serve,” said Chief Executive Officer Linda Darby-Sempsrott.

This software was designed to meet three objectives: educate families about the importance of a lined, sealed burial vault; guide a family through the vault selection process, focusing on the products with the best value; and encourage the family to interact with the software to personalize their loved one’s vault.

The intuitive, customizable program has been showcased at recent ICCFA and NFDA conventions. Personal Touch was designed as a supplement to a funeral director’s presentation in the showroom, but has proven successful on a laptop in a family’s home in pre-need presentations.

Personal Touch is available for $99 for a single license. Visit or call 800.637.1992 for more details.


Trigard is a family owned and operated business based in Danville, Illinois, that has catered to the varying needs of the death care industry since the 1960s. Trigard regularly hosts Trigard University, a program dedicated to assisting burial vault dealers and funeral directors by providing the necessary tools to make their firms succeed in today’s funeral industry. Trigard believes working closely with other death care providers enhances our knowledge of the industry and allows everyone to stay a step ahead in today’s changing marketplace.