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ASD?s Patching Feature Saves Business for Funeral Homes

March 25, 2011

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ASD?s Patching Feature Saves Business for Funeral Homes

Media, PA (March 25, 2011)?In today?s economic climate, it is not uncommon for families to contact several funeral homes looking for price and other relevant information before choosing a provider that best suits their needs. The loss of a funeral service opportunity has a negative effect on all funeral homes? bottom line. ASD – Answering Service for Directors has responded to this ?price shopping? phenomenon with a customizable ?patching? option to ensure that funeral home clients never miss an opportunity to work with a family.

Family members frequently contact several funeral homes in search of one that meets their financial, religious and personal needs. Most do not have time to wait for answers to their pressing questions. Patching through these urgent calls gives family members peace of mind knowing they will be able to speak to a funeral director.

ASD?s ?patching? feature is completely customizable, allowing funeral homes to decide which calls are to be ?patched? through to them. Based on the criteria selected, ASD will patch the call directly through to the funeral home or appropriate cell phone. ?ASD is always working to increase our clients? ability to make the most of their business opportunities. Patching lets us protect these opportunities while meeting the needs of callers who want answers quickly at a stressful, difficult time?, says Kevin Czachor, ASD Vice President and Family Member Owner. ?ASD will continue to expand our portfolio of features to embrace emerging technology and the needs of our funeral clients.?

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ASD is the leader in answering service and call support for funeral professionals. As a full service provider, ASD empowers directors and staff of funeral homes to offer the highest caliber of service, both at and away from the office. ASD?s innovative technology and call support expertise have made it a national leader in the death care space. Headquartered in Media, Pennsylvania the firm offers comprehensive call support for funeral homes and funeral related businesses of all sizes. For more information about ASD?s Patching feature, visit”> or call the 24-hour customer service hotline at 1-800-868-9950.