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The Pet Loss Professionals Alliance Barks Another Successful Conference!

March 23, 2011

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The Pet Loss Professionals Alliance Barks Another Successful Conference!

imageIt?s been a week since the last session of the Second Pet Loss Professionals Alliance conference in Vegas ended. Whew! What an exciting few days with incredible courses, fabulous speakers, and amazing energy for the PLPA?s mission!

We landed in Vegas a bit worried. After all, there was a report that came our prior to the conference asking pre-registration attendees why they were going to the meeting. More than 75% of the pre-registered guests said that it ?was not? because of the pet sessions. Therefore, I checked into the Mandalay Bay, wondering what our attendance really would look like and if our success rate from the prior year was going to be repeated.

But, repeated it was! Every session was full to the brim with barely a few empty chairs. Attendees came with unbelievable zest and they excitedly followed the sessions coded in pink ? PLPA! The sessions were riveting! From Gary O?Sullivan challenging the group?s thought processes on the sales process to Dr. Marty Becker delivering a keynote address on the human-animal bond ?in understanding the love we can empathize with the loss,? not a stone was left unturned wth the mission of the PLPA ? to be a resource to our members and to continue to provide value to their mission of being the best they can be in their businesses.

There?s still a lot of work to do. We come together as a new association, blazing a trail in many areas. With the release of the Standards and Definitions that the association has adopted as our principals to a new suggested Cremation Authorization Form, some members might be left wondering if they can be a part of such stringent values. However, the leadership team of the PLPA has constantly said that we cannot allow average standards, these standards have to raise the bar. These standards have to be such that veterinarians and pet parents will find the peace of mind they need when they work with a PLPA member in knowing that this business is abiding by only the highest of business practices.

Together, we will get there. Much like the start of any relationship, we are all still dancing around the dance floor together, getting to know each other. But, through mutual respect and trust for these high standards, we most certainly have laid the foundation for an association that will be what the pet death care industry needs, wants, and is entitled to.