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UPDATE: Family Reacts to Accusation Funeral Home Cut the Legs Off Their Loved One

August 27, 2009

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UPDATE: Family Reacts to Accusation Funeral Home Cut the Legs Off Their Loved One

image The family of a man whose body may have been buried with the legs cut off says they?re in disbelief over the incident. Cave Funeral Services handled the burial of Minister James Hines. After a former employee claimed the funeral home had damaged the body to get it to fit in a coffin that was too small, investigators dug up the grave to find out the truth.

Ann Hines remembers the day she went to Cave Funeral Services with her husband, James, to pick out his casket. The 6’7″ minister, who was once a ?rock and roller? into R & B, entrusted the funeral home with his final arrangements after he found out he was dying of cancer.

“We were told [the casket] was the perfect size because we saw the measurements on it and we said this one looks like it would be right for him and the guy said, ‘yes, with his stature this is perfect for him,’ ” said James Hines widow, Ann Hines.

The family soon began hearing rumors that James? legs were cut off so he could fit in a smaller casket and the funeral home could save money.

“Even the day after the funeral, my brother told me that casket was too short for Jay,? said Ann Hines. ?I said, ?well that’s the one we picked out,? and he said, ?no.? “

After digging up the grave, the Allendale County coroner wouldn’t confirm that Hines’ legs were cut off, only that they saw some undesirable things they need to further investigate.

For two days in a row, Cave Funeral Services refused to comment.

James? Hines family remembers him as a very religious and generous person who constantly counseled others with their problems.

“He would give you the shirt off his back?that’s the kind of person he was,” said Ann Hines. “That hurt so much, you know how you trust people and believe they would do you right and then they let you down? I don?t think my husband deserved that. He was too good of a person to be treated that way.?

South Carolina Law Enforcement is conducting a criminal investigation. They say it could be May before their investigation is complete.

Cave Funeral Services could learn by the end of the week if it will be shut down.

Article By: Steve Kuzj

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