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Guest Blog Post – Improving Your Client’s Experience With an Interior Make Over

August 26, 2009

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Guest Blog Post – Improving Your Client’s Experience With an Interior Make Over

image Elegant surroundings can easily make people feel that one of the last things done for their loved ones was done with love and respect. When a customer makes funeral preparations their emotions are a strong factor in the decision. A well appointed funeral home interior can separate one facility from another. A fresh yet soothing setting is an investment in peace of mind for your customers and a testimony to family and friends visiting your facility.

Can?t find the time to make improvements to your interior? Consider hiring an interior designer to help facilitate this process. An interior designer can do the ?leg-work? of redecorating. Even small improvements can take you away from your business operations. An interior designer will present to you a plan for your interior based on the specifications you provide and then will execute the design by coordinating schedules and hiring professional contractors. It is an exciting process to see your interior transform from its current state to an updated version of the classic facility your clients have come to admire.

When choosing a designer or design firm, be sure you are selecting one that will help you create a serene and inviting environment for all of your client?s funeral service needs. To ensure that you are hiring the right firm, verify that the designer or design firm has experience with funeral home interiors. You will want as least interruption to your business as possible. An undesirable scenario would be to have to turn down business due to a lengthy renovation. Be sure to enlist a design firm that is considerate of your business operations and can coordinate contractors and installations with a schedule that will be sensitive to the needs of your business.

A re-designed interior will set your facility apart from the rest. Whether your customers are planning in advance or making the decision after their loss, the choice to make funeral arrangements with your facility is the last decision made for a loved one. Along with your reputation and impeccable staff, a beautiful interior will communicate that their last decision was a good one.

-Monica Psolka

Interior Concepts, Inc.

Monica Psolka is the Sales & Marketing Manager for Interior Concepts Inc.; an interior design firm founded in 1983, headquartered out of Delaware, and serving all of the continental United States. Interior Concepts specializes in funeral home design and redecoration. From the preconstruction planning on a new funeral home to simply reupholstering a few worn pieces, Interior Concepts takes pride in every design project and offers turn-key project management to their customers. Please visit their website at or contact Monica at [email protected] for more detailed information.