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NFDA Member Compensation Survey Shows Funeral Salary Increases Across The Board

December 29, 2010

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NFDA Member Compensation Survey Shows Funeral Salary Increases Across The Board

imageResults of the National Funeral Directors Association?s (NFDA) 2010 Member Compensation Survey show across the board increases for funeral home employees except in one category; among those seeing the most dramatic increases are non-licensed support staff.

Highlights of the data yielded by the NFDA 2010 Member Compensation Survey follow:

In the survey, NFDA also asked employers about benefits offered to funeral home staff:

  • 79.0% provide medical insurance.
  • 33.2% provide dental insurance
  • 28.6% provide flex benefits or healthcare reimbursement.
  • 89.0% provide paid vacation time; the average number of days offered is 14.
  • 81.6% provide an average of six paid holidays.
  • 60.4% provide an average of five personal days.
  • 77.6% provide an average of six personal days.
  • 64.0% have retirement plans.
  • 70.2% offer reimbursement for continuing education.

NFDA mailed 3,000 self-administered surveys to a random sample of member funeral home owners in June 2010. Given the response rate of 14.5 percent, the data is statistically reliable within a range of +4.7 percent. Respondents were asked to provide salary and compensation data for the calendar year ending December 31, 2009.

The full compensation survey report is available for purchase: the NFDA member price is $75; the nonmember price for each report is $175. This report can be ordered by visiting or calling the association at 800-228-6332.

NFDA is the world’s leading funeral service association, serving 18,500 individual members who represent more than 9,900 funeral homes in the United States and internationally. From its headquarters in Brookfield, Wis., and its Advocacy Division office in Washington, D.C., NFDA is the worldwide source of expertise and professional resources for all facets of funeral service. Through education, information and advocacy, NFDA is dedicated to supporting members in their mission to provide families with meaningful end-of-life services at the highest levels of excellence and integrity. For more information, visit

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Note: Members of the media who would like a complimentary copy of the NFDA 2010 Compensation Survey should contact Jessica Koth ( [email protected] ) or Emilee High ([email protected] ) at 800-228-6332.

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