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Academy Sets Record Attendance in 2010

December 29, 2010

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Academy Sets Record Attendance in 2010

imageThe Academy has set a new annual attendance and graduation record. Since its inception in 1995, the Academy at The Outlook Group, Inc., has been offering quality funeral service solutions and pre-need training to students from across North America. Over 300 people have attended and graduated from Academy sponsored training classes and workshop in 2010. Candace Franco, Academy Director stated, ?I feel increased advertising and word of mouth promotion of all courses has helped contributed to the record setting year.?

The Academy is unveiling a brand new course in the late summer of 2011. Everything You Need To Know About Community Presentations. This course has been specially design for funeral home owners, managers, funeral directors and funeral pre-planning and public relations representatives. An effective community outreach program will include Community Presentations designed to educate and inform. It will not only break down the walls and take your funeral home out to the community; it will provide you with new at-need and pre-need families to serve. As we move to serving a new generation of consumers, we must find new ways to reach out and communicate the real value and importance of our service in a way that is relevant to these exceptional and highly discriminating generations. Community Presentations are a great tool to accomplish both objectives. This course is designed to help you identify who to see, what to say and how to deliver your message.

You will learn how to:

Book speaking engagements with the ?right? audience

Effectively promote your community presentations

Determine what to say ? and how to say it

Create an effective and simple call to action

Obtain and follow up on contact information

Get the most out of your presentation

Attendees will go home with everything needed to get started today!

For more information on any of the Academy training courses contact Temeika Love at (800) 331-6270 or visit The Academy on-line at