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Passages International, Inc. Introduces Second Generation of Eco-friendly Caskets

December 23, 2010

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Passages International, Inc. Introduces Second Generation of Eco-friendly Caskets

As part of its mission to provide top quality green funeral products and merchandising solutions to funeral homes, Passages International Inc. is pleased to announce that is has made some enhancements to its Eco-Friendly Willow and Seagrass Caskets.

?Families continue to demand greener funeral alternatives and Passages remains ready to exceed their expectations.? says Passages? President, Darren Crouch. ?By listening to our customers, and constantly improving our products and services we are able to maintain our leadership position in the marketplace.?

The newer Willow and Seagrass caskets feature 1) improved weave, 2) fully-lined and fitted leak-resistant, natural, un-bleached cotton interior, 3) industry-first “privacy shield,? 4) improved flax rope handles woven into the casket, under the strawboard base and back up the other side to form the opposite handle, 5) strawboard, rather than plyboard, base which provides extra durability and is more eco-friendly, and 6) improved closing mechanism using toggles and flax rope.

The Willow and Seagrass caskets are available in two adult sizes, 5?9? with a 20? interior width at the shoulder and 6?5? with a 24? interior width at the shoulder. The smaller one fits neatly inside the larger one to reduce carbon emissions and delivery costs. The Willow casket is also available in infant and child sizes. Families choosing these caskets are looking for alternatives to traditional products and, until recently, there have been few options for them, resulting in them often selecting direct services and minimal products because they see little value in traditional offerings.

The Passages Eco-friendly Caskets contain no plastic or metal components and can be utilized for either cremation or burial. They are ideal for Jewish or Muslim burials. They are produced without using animal by-products and each is hand-woven by skilled artisans. Each casket comes with a pillow covered in the same natural cotton as the interior. The flat underside provides extra stability and facilitates movement into funeral vehicles or the cremation retort. Although the caskets themselves weigh only 80 lbs, each is weight tested to 350 lbs.

For more information on our eco-friendly caskets, or any of our other biodegradable product lines, visit us at, email [email protected], or call (888) 480-6400.