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?Anthropomorphism? is being reported at pet funeral homes!

December 16, 2010

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?Anthropomorphism? is being reported at pet funeral homes!

imageReports are in? anthropomorphism is showing up at more and more pet funeral homes. This phenomenon is not new but many have been completely unaware of this condition. It won?t hurt anyone at your business nor is there anything that you can do to prevent it from being in your physical business. It can be incredibly contagious and it will, without a doubt, have a long term effect on anyone who is afflicted with this circumstance.

The main ?watch-out? ? when someone shows up at your pet funeral home who has clearly been hit with this ?bug,? handle this family with extreme care. They?ll need it!

Have you heard of it? ?Anthropomorphism? is a term coined in the mid 1700?s to refer to any attribution of human characteristics (or characteristics assumed or believed by some to belong only to humans) to animals. Yes, pet parents, for the most part, are most generally ?hit? with this bug. They will refer to their pet as human-like, even calling them ?my child,? ?my baby,? ?my best friend.? They?ll put human-like traits on these furry creatures ? ?they listened to me when I needed an ear,? ?they knew my every need during my sickness,? ?they wiped away all of my tears when I was sad,? and ?they loved me more than any human ever did.?

Yes, a person that?s been afflicted with this condition will most certainly show signs during the life of the pet. And, I can assure you ? when that pet dies, they will want to continue to shower that pet with those same human-like traits and provide them with the same rituals and respectful care that are given to two-legged humans.

Keep your eyes open for a family with anthropomorphism. You?ll know it when you see it ? they?ll need your MOST SPECIAL services!

Are you prepared to deliver?