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VFMC's Stocking for Soldiers Winning Hearts & Minds

December 3, 2010
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VFMC's Stocking for Soldiers Winning Hearts & Minds

image?The success of Christmas Stockings for Soldiers has far exceeded my expectations. 1,100 stockings (at least) in! Can’t wait to send you the photos. Upon seeing the piles of stockings, people took pictures, offered to help box them up, even cried. A fantastic concept, deserving recipients, and a PR home run! We are proud!? Jeff Barnhart, Barnhart Funeral Homes, Greensburg, PA.

?This is what it’s all about? says Mark Davis, CEO of Valmark Memorial Group. ?As the United States continues to prosecute the War on Terror, across the nation Americans continue to display their pride and patriotism to a degree not witnessed since the World War II era.? Christmas Stockings for Soldiers is just one of several signature public relations programs developed by Veterans & Family Memorial Care founder, Mark Davis. Nearly 1000 VFMC Providers nationwide are winning the hearts and minds of their communities by participating in VFMC?s strategic partnerships with Cell Phones for Soldiers and Wreaths Across America as well as their own signature programs Operation Valentine, Sweaters for Veterans and Stockings for Soldiers.

Good public relations is about telling a good story and VFMC Providers tell a great story. VFMC provides their members with all of the tools and materials necessary to deliver their story to their community. Included with membership are the VFMC Proudly Serving Those Who Have Proudly Served brochures, membership certificates & posters, window clings and a listing in the VFMC Veterans Provider Directory on the VFMC website For each VFMC public relations & community outreach program VFMC provides press releases, newspapers ads, flyers and a radio commercial. Each VFMC community outreach initiative is designed to stimulate a response or action from the community. ?We are not about institutional advertising? said Mark Davis. ?Every funeral home boasts of a beautiful facility, exceptional service, affordable prices and longevity of service. So what makes your funeral home different from the one down the street? How do you influence those who have used another funeral home in the past to choose yours now? The answer to both questions is simple? deliver a differentiating message! We are focused on driving people through the front doors of funeral homes for reasons other than a funeral. These individuals are receptive and approachable. In essence VFMC creates opportunities. Funeral home staffers have an opportunity to hand out a VFMC brochure, offer a cup of coffee and a tour of the facility and open the conversation about preneed. Unlike retail or many other business models funeral homes cannot run a sale or advertise a 2 for 1 to get the public through the door. Our programs offer a winning combination which benefit Veterans, Active Duty Military, the Community and the Funeral Business all at the same time. We are undeniably the largest, most focused, results driven public relations company in the funeral industry. Visit us on Facebook to read more VFMC Provider success stories.?

To learn more about VFMC or to get info on becoming an Exclusive VFMC Provider visit: or call ValMark Memorial Group (866) 770-6791.