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ThanoSeal Wins NFDA 2010 Innovation Award!

October 29, 2010

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ThanoSeal Wins NFDA 2010 Innovation Award!

imageArgent International, Inc. is excited to announce that ThanoSeal has won the National Funeral Directors Association Innovation of the Year Award! NFDA in New Orleans was attended by over 4500 Funeral Directors and Embalmers and other Funeral Professionals.

The ?Innovation of the Year Award? was given to Argent International, Inc. / ThanoSeal at the opening ceremony of the show. The rigorous selection process involves four rounds of evaluation from industry votes to a panel of selected judges who base the selection on various criteria such as originality and practicality.

Enormous interest was generated at the show with hundreds of orders and reorders by embalmers from all over the globe.

ThanoSeal, introduced at NFDA last year, is a pre-cut clear polyolefin tape that is used as a wound closure and sealer for incisions, lacerations, abrasions, punctures, IV holes, skin slip or anywhere body fluids may leak. ThanoSeal minimizes the time it takes to prepare a body for showing by reducing embalming time, while avoiding sewing and possible needle injuries to the embalmer. ThanoSeal can also be cosmetized.

In addition, ThanoSeal halts any leakage, post embalming and, provides a tremendous ?piece of mind?! Significant impact may be seen on Risk Management leading to possible reduced insurance costs with ThanoSeal and ?Sutureless Protocol?.

Scott McAulay, inventor of ThanoSeal, comes from four generations of embalmers and is a Funeral Director in California. Mr. McAulay possesses over 30 years of experience in the industry and has used his ?Sutureless Protocol? for over 18 months with great success.

ThanoSeal is economical to use and is available in precut sizes: 2? x 2?, 4? x 4? squares, 3? Ovals and 4? x 25? rolls. So, if you are looking for a product that Saves Time, Seals Leakage Issues, and Saves You Money, ThanoSeal is your answer!

If you would like more information on ThanoSeal or to see a live demonstration, please visit us online at