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What do you want your pet loss program to be?

October 20, 2010

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What do you want your pet loss program to be?

For so many people looking to get into the pet loss business, the research has consisted of seeing what others are doing and then doing the same thing.

I challenge you ? don?t look at what others are doing,? consider WHAT you want your program to be? What you want your program to do? There are so many options that it?s time to really, truly look outside the box when considering a pet death care program!

As one considers what?s going on in the pet death care world, the fact is that a pet death care program does not have to be one where all types of business is being handled ? from group cremation to private cremation. Nor does it have to be a business where the veterinarian is your customer. No, there are many other, more profitable ways to look at a pet death care operation.

When funeral homes are questioned, at the heart of the issue is how to provide a program of serving pet parents with the death of their pet that closely resembles the services that they do for their human side of the business; a service offering where a high degrees of service is combined with efforts to build a relationship with that family for future business. This is not a greedy way to look at this business ? it makes good business sense.

However, as the business plan is being completed for this type of value/business offerings, the standard operating procedures to work with a pet parent family need to depict the same high level of service that the human side of the business does. Anything less, with a message to the public that touts the same level of service, pet parents will see immediately!

Think outside of the box on your pet death care program and ?see? this business in the same light as your human death care operation. Trust me, as a pet parent, when my pet dies I want ALL of those same options!