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Anderson-McQueen Offers Five Questions to Ask Your Funeral Home

August 26, 2009

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Anderson-McQueen Offers Five Questions to Ask Your Funeral Home

image I stubbled upon this article as I was browsing through some unopened email messgaes. Here are five questions Anderson-McQueen Funeral and Cremation Centers suggests you ask your funeral director to ensure that your loved one will be cared for appropriately upon their death:

* Does the funeral director hold a certification or have an advanced degree?

Not all funeral directors are Certified Funeral Service Practitioner (CFSP) and maintain certifications through the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice.

* Do you maintain your own refrigeration and embalming facilities on premise?

While state law does not require embalming, it is required when there is a public viewing or visitation. Many times, it is a practical necessity to embalm to disinfect and preserve the body even a family viewing. As cremation has grown in popularity, often the body is not embalmed and will need to be held in refrigeration. Yet, many funeral homes do not have refrigeration facilities located on-site at their funeral home to handle this request.

* Do you operate your own crematory?

Though all funeral homes advertise “cremation services” or “crematory,” most funeral homes do not own their crematories, but use off-site, multi-user locations. Additional questions may include, who owns it? Where is it located? When can I inspect it?

* How do I know that the cremated remains are those of my loved one?

It is important to know the chain of custody when handling a loved one’s remains. A crematory should have detailed, exacting standards and be able to illustrate the process with family members during an inspection of the facility.

* Does the funeral home operate its own transfer services?

The vast majority of funeral homes today outsource the transportation service to third-party companies, so the deceased could be left in the care of multiple organizations.

Like most businesses, the best decisions can be based on the reputation of the firm, so it is best to ask your funeral director for references.


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