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In Lieu of Flowers, Obituary Goes Political

October 7, 2010

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In Lieu of Flowers, Obituary Goes Political

imageAs our economy continues to struggle, more and more people have an opinion to offer, including the dead. One thing we have made a point at Connecting Directors to stay clear of is political issues. But in this case I think it is necessary to show the following obituary.

As funeral services become more and more personalized I think we are also going to see a shift in the standard obituary to one that is more personalized and gives the reader a peek into the life of the deceased and gives you a glimpse at who they were and how they lived their life.

Take a look at the following obituary. It is pretty standard until you get to the “In Lieu of Flowers” part, which it highlight below.

Have you saw any other obituaries that carry a personal message?