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Memorial Streams Acquires Timeless Tributes

October 7, 2010

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Memorial Streams Acquires Timeless Tributes

imageFarmington, MO ? October 7, 2010 ? Memorial Streams announced today that they have signed a purchase agreement with Timeless Tributes to form a major company servicing the funeral industry by offering professional video tributes and webcasting services.

Timeless Tributes is a leading software company servicing the funeral industry with clients across the U.S. and Canada. Memorial Streams is a family-owned and growing funeral webcasting company with state of the art technology and software system. Together the company will serve over 1,000 clients.

?Timeless Tributes is a well established company with outstanding clients so we are very excited to be able to offer a broader set of service products including state of the art webcasting and tribute video uploading by bringing the two companies together,? said Keith Petty, now owner of both Timeless Tributes and Memorial Streams. ?We have expanded our webcasting offering while adding new features to our Timeless Tributes? line.?

To bring an early kick off to the holiday season, new clients and existing Timeless Tributes clients are being offered webcasting that includes no contract commitment and no monthly minimum fee for the starter system. With a small set up fee clients will receive webcasting software, a branded webpage, marketing materials, web streaming installation and complete training along with ongoing customer service from the webcasting team.

?This acquisition will enhance the products and customer service Timeless Tributes clients have come to rely on,? said Jason Ropchan, now Vice President of the Timeless Tributes product. ?I am pleased to stay on with the new company and turn my attention to developing new product offerings for our current and potential clients while having the assurance that everyone in the Timeless Tributes family will be part of a growing and groundbreaking company.?

The first 50 clients that sign up for webcasting during the upcoming 2010 NFDA International Convention & Expo in New Orleans next week will receive five free webcasts, a $200 value. In addition, new clients will receive a free month of Timeless Tributes software and free video uploads to their website during the free month as well.

Memorial Streams offers premium funeral webcasting services using leading-edge technologies and innovative designs that are simple to operate and include dependable webcasting packages with no contract commitment options, and as a family owned business is focused on quality customer service.

Timeless Tributes is a well established and leading company in the funeral industry offering professional video tributes for families in house with no contract commitment, no per video fee and is now able to offer clients new webcasting integration, easy uploads to websites and as a certified Kodak partner scanning is now easier and faster than ever before. and