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Leaked Info From FuneralOne

October 6, 2010

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Leaked Info From FuneralOne

imageI was on the phone this morning with one of the Marketing Directors for FuneralOne talking about a new marketing plan they are rolling out and I think they leaked some top secret information about some big plans they have for the NFDA convention. Apparently they have some amazing give-a-ways planned for this year, one of them possibly being a car!

The girl on the phone was rattling through some of the give-a-ways they had planned and when I thought I heard her say car, I stopped and asked her about it. She wouldn’t give me any info, but did say FuneralOne would be sending out a huge email tomorrow announcing some of the things they have planned for NFDA convention. So be watching for the email, and if we can get a copy of it I will be sure to pass it along.