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NFDA Announces Affiliation with KAVOD ? Independent Jewish Funeral Chapels

July 26, 2010

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NFDA Announces Affiliation with KAVOD ? Independent Jewish Funeral Chapels

imageThe National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) is pleased to announce an affiliation with KAVOD ? Independent Jewish Funeral Chapels, a network of independent, family-owned Jewish funeral providers.

?Many of our members serve Jewish families in their community,? said NFDA CEO Christine Pepper, CAE. ?Affiliating with KAVOD allows us to better connect our members with information and resources on Jewish funeral customs from an organization we see as an authority on these matters.?

?In Hebrew, KAVOD means honor, respect, esteem, strong moral principles and a source of pride,? said Jason Goldstein, president of KAVOD, from Roth-Goldstein?s Memorial Chapel in Atlantic City, N.J. ?These values are not unique to KAVOD members ? we see them embodied in the way NFDA members serve families of all faiths and cultures. We are pleased to work with NFDA to share information and resources for the benefit of our respective members.?

As affiliated organizations, KAVOD will be NFDA?s source for authoritative information about Jewish funeral customs. Wherever possible, when matters impacting KAVOD members are pending before Congress or regulatory agencies, NFDA will invite KAVOD representatives to assist in sharing information or testimony with federal leaders. KAVOD will send representatives to the annual NFDA Advocacy Summit, an event during which funeral directors from throughout the country meet with their elected representatives to discuss legislation that impacts the profession and those they serve.

Every other year, beginning in 2011, KAVOD will hold its convention in conjunction with the NFDA International Convention & Expo. In turn, NFDA representatives will be invited to participate in KAVOD meetings.


Founded in 2002, the National Independent Jewish Funeral Directors, later renamed KAVOD ? Independent Jewish Funeral Chapels, are independent, family-owned providers of Jewish funeral services. KAVOD in Hebrew means honor, respect, esteem, strong moral principles and a source of pride. It is with these ideals that KAVOD has dedicated itself to having only the highest level of family-owned Jewish firms as part of its organization. The organization has been recognized by national organizations ? the National Funeral Directors Association, Selected Independent Funeral Homes, the International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards, and the International Order of the Golden Rule ? as consultants on Jewish funerals. Membership to KAVOD is by invitation. For more information, visit