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Hearse Breaks Down With Grandpa In The Back, Family Laughs

July 23, 2010

Hearse Breaks Down With Grandpa In The Back, Family Laughs

imageInstead of driving along I-95, an entire funeral precession was stuck on the side of the highway Thursday afternoon.

The hearse had broken down.

In the back of the hearse — was Grandpa.

Jane Purvee, a relative, said, “We were coming up I-95 and the hearse pulled over, and so we pulled over.”

The hearse and all of the cars in the procession were able to make it to the rest area just a mile or two further north.

There, they waited…and started laughing.

Something in the hearse’s undercarriage — just suddenly broke while driving along the interstate, but family and friends said Grandpa was responsible.

Linda Newsholme, one of the mourners, laughed, “The hearse has broken down. This is grandpa’s last say. This is his last joke on everybody.”

Grandpa — or 75-year-old Thomas Foy — was indeed a jokester. He wanted people laughing, even at his funeral.

Newsholme chuckled and said, “We were not in this mood 20 minutes ago. Now, here we are on the side of the road and grandpa’s got us all in stitches!”

Grandpa was on his way to the national cemetery in Jacksonville from Palm Coast. However, he only got to mile marker 330.5. His family and friends said that ‘s just like him to do something like that.

The family even considered putting Gramps in the back of a pick-up truck to get him to his funeral on time.

Bob Newsholme shook his head, smiling, “If he could sit up and talk right now, he’d be laughing at all of us.”

Funeral home employees told Foy’s family members they’d never had this happen in their 35 years of business.

In the end, the family rescheduled the funeral for the morning and drove off to a relative’s home for lunch…leaving Grandpa with the last laugh.


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