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Top 10 Business Opportunities For a Down Economy

August 25, 2009

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Top 10 Business Opportunities For a Down Economy

image I am a monthly subscriber to Entrepreneur magazine, and in this months issue their featured section is on “Trends for 2009”. I know many small funeral home owners who are always looking for other sources of revenue, be it monuments, Crematory, or something totally outside the funeral industry like a furniture store. Below I have listed the Top 10 Business Opportunities for a down economy.

John Assaraf and Murray Smith, founders of OneCoach, a provider of small-business coaching services in San Diego, offer their top 10 business opportunities for a down economy:

1. Business coaching: There is a huge entrepreneurial surge coming; be there to help themsucceed.

2. Social networking for business: Connect with your prospects, taking up where ad agencies left off.

3. Alternative fuels: Everyone wants to cut energy costs.

4. Environmental services: The greening of America has just begun.

5. Health care: Everyone?s getting older; more people need more care than ever.

6. Nail salons and beauty products: Fewer facelifts, more facials.

7. Discount retailers: Think Wal-Mart and 99 Cents Only Stores.

8. Luxury products: Yacht sales are up?Prada skirts, too.

9. IT and other technology services: Virtual meetings cost less than flying.

10. Credit and debt management: With consumers watching their wallets, help them do it better.