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Funny, Clever, Funeral Industry Advertising

July 6, 2010

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Funny, Clever, Funeral Industry Advertising

imageWhy does the funeral industry always have to be so dark and gloom? I love it when industry companies and funeral homes look pass the stereotypes and do creative advertising. Advertising that is not offensive but gets people thinking about the industry and chuckling at the same time.

The following article is about an advertising student in the UK who won an advertising contest for the ads he did aimed at encouraging those leaving school to join the funeral industry. The ads are funny and whitty and I am sure you will enjoy. Photo Galley Below.

Advertising Student?s Funeral Industry Campaign Wins Top Award

Encouraging school leavers to join the funeral industry is a campaign that would test the limits of the most creative ad designers.

But a series of promotional posters designed to do just that have proven to be an award winning formula for one student at the University of Chester.

Advertising with Media student Richard Pay won the Best Advertising Award 2010 at the inaugural Designers Northern Alliance (DNA) event held in Manchester on June 24 and 25.

The 21-year-old, who studied at the University?s Warrington Campus, was one of five people to walk away with an accolade for his work which captured the imagination of judges and top industry professionals Wini Tse, Chris Arnold, Si Scott, Tim Sharp, David Thompson and Dom Rodwell.

?The work I submitted was from one of the briefs I was given during my degree course. I had come up with a campaign to attract school leavers to consider a career in the funeral industry,? explained Richard, originally from Hull.

?I decided to take a very simple approach, designing three posters that used dark humour to get the message across.

?I had absolutely no idea that my work would win. When they read out my name I was completely shocked.?

Richard is now looking for work in the advertising industry and hopes that the award will help to set him apart from the competition.

?I absolutely love the whole creative process involved in this type of work and I hope that this award will help my work stand out to employers,? he said.

?I?m hoping that I can stay in the North West to pursue my career ? I would love to work for GyroHSR in Manchester?.

Advertising Programme Leader David Rutherford said: ?Success in the advertising and branding industries depends on ?creatives? able to develop compelling narratives. Richard’s work shows the ability to understand the essential objectives of a creative brief, to develop clear and powerful ideas, and to execute these in simple, yet engaging and eye-catching designs.?

The DNA event was organised by the University of Chester, University of Salford, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Central Lancashire, Liverpool John Moores University, Community University of North Wales, Huddersfield University and a large number of advertising and design agencies from across the region.

The DNA event showcased graduate advertising, illustration, digital media and graphic design talent from the region?s universities, bringing together industry and academic representatives to develop opportunities for greater collaboration between the two sectors and to share best practice.