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Messenger Purchased By Chicago Investment Group

June 24, 2010

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Messenger Purchased By Chicago Investment Group

imagePrairie Capital has purchased Messenger from Bic APP. The sale closed June 18.

Terms of the deal were not announced in a release.

?By divesting the funeral stationery business, Bic APP Underscores its commitment to the promotional products industry,? a release from Bic APP said.

The sale was part of the company?s integration with Norwood Promotional Products. Messenger, a 97-year-old company, is located in Auburn, Ind., and sells exclusively to licensed funeral directors only.

?Our core business is promotional products and this step allows us to purely focus on the process of integrating the operations of Norwood and BIC Graphic,? says Paillot. ?As we continue to build on the best practices of each brand, we are confident that our new organization will be the most customer-service focused and efficient in the industry.

Bic App, which operates under the Bic Graphic USA and Norwood trade names, is based in Largo. Prairie Capital is in Chicago.