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Funny Funeral Home Names

August 24, 2009

Funny Funeral Home Names

image Have you ever driven past some businesses that have odd or funny names? Names like ?The Best Little Hairhouse in Texas? and ?The Garden of Eat?n? give you an idea of what the business does while still being creative and bringing a smile to your face. Some funeral homes have unique names that may bring a smile to your face after you think about them, too.

Since it?s important to have a sense of humor in the funeral industry, here are a few of those names that I have found.

The Boxwell Brothers Funeral Directors ? There are several of these located throughout Texas.

Amigone Funeral Home ? This is one of the most widely circulated names on the Internet. There are several of these locations in and around Buffalo, New York.

Stillman?s Memorial Chapel ? I?m not sure where this one is located, but it?s still pretty funny.

Wormley-Porter Funeral Home ? Enough said.

John R. Deady Funeral Home ? I hope this is the owner?s last name. If not, the actual owner has a great (though morbid) sense of humor.

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I ran across this blog post this morning and I had to share it with you. If anyone has anything to add to this list, please do post!