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LAST CHANCE… Hospice Questions Get Answered Tomorrow!

June 16, 2010

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LAST CHANCE… Hospice Questions Get Answered Tomorrow!

imageDon’t miss this complimentary (no purchase required) Hospice Relations webinar tomorrow, June 17, 2010 at 4:00 pm EDT / 1:00 pm PDT

Todd Van Beck will give you the inside goods on how to get on the Good

Side of Hospice… all at no charge!

Plus as a bonus, Todd will share with you the 1 thing that you can do today

to improve relations with Hospice ? and he will give you the template to do it.

(this is only available to those who register to for the webinar – even if you

can’t make it, you will need to register to get access to the recording – and

the Bonus Template!

Here’s how you sign up for the Hospice Questions Answered ? Webinar…

1. Go here now:

2. Enter your information in the registration form

3. Click on the Submit button with your mouse

…That’s it!

You will get an email from Robin Heppell with all of the details. When you

attend, you’ll learn why Todd is the top expert in the field on how to deal with


You probably didn’t know this, but not only has Todd made more presentations

for Hospice than anyone else in funeral service, he actually knew the founder of


No one else has the insider knowledge about Hospice like Todd has…

Get some of that Hospice knowledge tomorrow and start using it to make

better relations to with this very powerful and influential group of caregivers!