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Star Legacy Network Wants Funeral Business From Walmart Employees?

June 7, 2010

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Star Legacy Network Wants Funeral Business From Walmart Employees?

imageStar Legacy Network is the company who is supplying caskets to the retail giant Walmart. In October Walmart rocked the funeral industry when it was discovered the retail giant was selling discount caskets online. It seems that Star Legacy is now marketing a portion of their website directly to the Walmart employees, or “associates”.

It makes sense that Star Legacy would try to capitalize on their partnership with Walmart by stealing the funeral business of 1.3 million United States Walmart employees, but what funeral homes are they partnering with? Star Legacy can offer discounts on funeral product, but to my knowledge they don’t own or operate any funeral homes.

When searching their website I can’t even find a list of funeral home partners. So is Star Legacy only trying to get Walmart employees to buy funeral product from them, or is there a group of funeral homes who are partnering with Star Legacy to help them capture the funeral service as well?

It is clear from the following screenshots that Star Legacy is customizing a portion of their site for Walmart associates.

Screenshot of

Screenshot from

You can see that the navigation menu on the right is different. As well as the welcome message. On the welcome reads “Welcome Associates”.

It is a scary thing to think about the influence Walmart could have over their employees and their benefits. Like death benefits that would only be received from a Star Legacy Network partner or even worse, a funeral home owner by Walmart.

I don’t think something like this is to far off to not be concerned about it.

Has anyone heard of funeral homes partnering with Star Legacy or Walmart strictly to gain business from Walmart employees by discounting services?