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Zachary Douglass, LLC, Makes Creating Custom Printed Funeral Products Easy And Cost Efficient

May 27, 2010

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Zachary Douglass, LLC, Makes Creating Custom Printed Funeral Products Easy And Cost Efficient

imagePatented award-winning software makes it possible for funeral homes to easily create custom, high-end service-folders and other printed products in-house for less.

Zachary Douglass, LLC, has launched their patented award-winning software which enables funeral homes to easily create custom in-house service folders, register books, bookmarks, thank-you cards, and much more for less. The software uses cutting edge photo-editing and blending technology that will allow users to create custom products that truly celebrate the life of the individual.

Zachary Douglass gives funeral homes all the necessary tools to create beautiful custom products on site in minutes. No other company offers this kind of custom solution in the funeral industry. Instead of hiring outside artists or companies to produce their printed products, funeral homes may now make their printed products on site in less time.

The software comes equipped with multiple backgrounds and sentiments that will allow users to create 100% custom work that the families will love. There is sure to be a background to represent everyone. The database is constantly being added to, and members always receive free updates to backgrounds, sentiments, or any software upgrades.

The program is easy to use. Members simply open the Zachary Douglass photo editor, copy and paste a background and sentiment from the website, and insert as many photos as they like. When finished, the custom finished product is automatically imported into Word. Once the document is in Word, the prebuilt floating text boxes are easy to change, so little to no formatting is required. Users may create 1-up or 2-up service folders, bookmarks, prayer cards, register book covers and inserts, and CD and DVD labels in just the click of a mouse. Our clients love the ease of going from the editor to Word. Jared Clinger of Colonial Funeral Homes said, ?These Zachary Douglass folders have unbelievable impact. My families just cannot believe that we can produce such high end work? Thanks Zachary Douglass. YOU make me look good.?

By using the Zachary Douglass patented software, funeral homes across the nation will be able to provide high quality professional printed products to their clients. Anyone who is interested is invited to explore the website,, where there are examples of what can be created with the software.

About Zachary Douglass

Zachary Douglass ( is an up and coming company that is sure to become a household name in the mortuary industry. Zachary Douglass strives to provide the most intuitive and easy to use software for our clients. They are committed to excellence, both in our software and in customer service. By offering the best possible customer service and providing the most advanced photo-editing technology, they truly allow their users to celebrate life.