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Shine On Brightly Announces New Products

May 26, 2010

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Shine On Brightly Announces New Products

Shine On Brightly, the premiere online gallery for memorial art at, welcomes new works to the already outstanding collection of cremation urns, memorial jewelry, handmade books, memorial poetry and paintings, and memorial glass- works by 30 artists are featured on the website.

Fabulous new urns by Steven Forbes de Soule are now available. These urns have a new twist that isn?t available anywhere else. The unique design features a watertight flower insert, which can be used to hold natural or silk flowers. The vessel is hollow, to hold ashes throughout, and the flower insert can be siliconed into the slot to ensure that the contents are secured within the piece. Mr. Forbes de Soule?s work is collected internationally, and Shine On Brightly is honored to represent his newest work in memorial art.

Metal sculptor Julia Burr has developed a new line of keepsake urns, which are only featured on the Shine On Brightly website. She offers two designs. The trademark inventiveness of this artist’s work really shines through on these new pieces. A cyclindrical steel structure is surprisingly light, yet exceptionally sturdy. Another piece is a lovely, elegant box, adorned with smooth stone.

Going green? We?ve got you covered. Our new textile urns by Julie Mullin are biodegradable, yet they?re so attractive and sturdy, you might want to keep them around. They use recycled and natural materials, and they are free of any toxic substances for those who seek to bury the urn and its contents. Alternatively, they can be admired for many decades as a lovely textile art piece. Available in a variety of gorgeous colors and textures.

Current trends are pointing to increased cremations, preferences for personal, unique ways to

remember our loved ones, and beloved pets who have passed. Sure, there are lots of companies

out there with the same claim, but here?s how this one is different ? Ms. Crowther recently lost

her husband of 29 years unexpectedly. She understands the emotional and logistical challenges

of her customers better than ever before. Her insistence on compassion and exceptional service

has become paramount to the mission of this unique company. One of our beloved customers

recently wrote:

? Choosing an urn is a depressing task because it confirms the finality of a person’s life.

Working with a Shine On Brightly artist on creating an urn actually was a very positive,

uplifting experience.? ~KB

The collection continues to grow as new artists and works are added regularly. Shine On Brightly

ships nationally and internationally. Both commissioned and non-commissioned pieces are available. Orders can be placed online, or by calling 828-348-0455 or toll free at 866-844-4469. Friendly, compassionate customer service responds to all inquiries and sales requests Monday ? Friday, 9am-5pm EST.