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Cemetery Sex Getting Out of Hand in West Palm Beach

May 11, 2010

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Cemetery Sex Getting Out of Hand in West Palm Beach

imageLooking for a good time? According to West Palm Beach Commissioner Ike Robinson, citizens have complained that lots of people are having a good time at the Evergreen Cemetery.

?The cemetery is not being locked up at night,? said Robinson at this morning?s Mayor-Commission workshop. ?It?s a prostitution haven.?

Christine Thrower, director of the Parks and Rec department, said she?s heard of the prostitution claims but that it?s been unverified by the city. Thrower said that the cemetery is locked up at night, but that ?there?s very easy cemetery access by climbing the walls.?

Robinson said police chief Delsa Bush assured him that the police are patrolling the area periodically.

?Hopefully some of those issues have been addressed,? Robinson said. ?But we?ve been getting calls from people in community who own plots in there. Let us not let these concerns go unheard.?

Evergreen Cemetery opened in 1916 as a graveyard for blacks, at a time when African Americans weren?t allowed to be buried in the city-owned Woodlawn Cemetery. That policy held until 1966.

Thrower said that over the years the city has had some difficulty with Evergreen since, unlike Woodlawn, it?s not technically run by the city. But recently, Evergreen?s head caretaker fell ill, and Thrower said the city has had more control over Evergreen by acting as its de facto caretaker.