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Funeral Industry – Summer To-Do List

August 24, 2009

Funeral Industry – Summer To-Do List

image Summer for the funeral industry often means a slow down in business. When business is slow seeing employees just standing around can really get some owners in a panic. Why not take those employees standing around and put them to good use? Below I have put together a general Summer To-Do list that is sure to help them pass the down time usefully.

* Detail (All) Your Vehicles

* Wash and Re-Paint Your Funeral Home

* Catch up on Yard Work (trim hedges, pull weeds, ect.)

* Repair and Re-Seal Blacktop Parking Lot (fix pot holes, seal cracks)

* Check Outside Lights (replace burnt out lights)

* Fix all The Little Things That Have Been Pushed Aside

* Stock Up on Things You Need For The Winter (Salt, Snow Shovels, Ice Scrappers, Hand Warmer, ect.) It is easier to get these things now then when the first big snow comes and everyone else is trying to get the same things.

* Rearrange Your Displays – Your employees get use to seeing the same displays and in turn always sell the same product. Move things around so they get to see all of your product.

* After your to-do list is done, have an open house to show the community what a beautiful facility you have.

This list is a general list, look at your funeral home and make a list that is tailored to your needs. Most of the stuff that needs done, can be done be people who you already employ, saving you money on labor cost.

If you have already made a list like this, what where some of the things you included? Maybe one of your ideas could spark an ideas for someone else.