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Funeral Industry: Is Your Website Really Useful?

August 24, 2009

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Funeral Industry: Is Your Website Really Useful?

image Have you ever asked yourself that question? Have you ever visited your firms website? You need to get familiar with what is on your firms website, and determine whether or not the content on the site is useful or if it is just filling a page. How do you determine whether or now the content is useful?

Put yourself in the shoes of one of your clients. Lets say you are in charge of handling the arrangements for a loved one who lives out of state. You need to find a funeral home in the town your loved one lived in to handle the arrangements. Your loved one had no ties to any (one) firm, and they did not have anything pre-arranged. You are unfamiliar with the town they lived it and are not even sure there is a funeral home in the town. What might you do first?

You sit down at your computer and you ?Google? the town to see if there is a funeral home located there. Sure enough there are three. Two are listed with a web addresses, the other with just a phone number and address. Well, you cross the one without the website off the list, no website must mean their firm is not up-to-date. So, there are now two firms remaining with websites. Firm #1, has just a basic, plain, website, not a lot of info, just a few obits and some contact information. There is a link for condolence books, products (casket/merchandise) with no pictures or prices, just simple text. Not very useful.

Now, you browse over to site #2. The home page is full of pictures of the funeral home, arrangement room, display room, merchandise, and even pictures of their well lit, paved parking lot. The site even has a link for a video tour of the funeral home. You are able to click on the links for product where you see pictures and pricing. With the use of this site you are able to have an idea of all the service options available and know a rough idea of how much the service in a whole would cost. Extremely useful!

Now, from the three funeral homes that came back on the ?Google? search which one you would choose?

With the use of the internet for so many people, your website, at anytime, could serve as the first call for people who are searching for a funeral home for their loved one.

Now, if someone were going to make their choose in funeral home based on the information they found on your website, would you be comfortable with that?

Spend time designing your website. Make sure the home page is inviting. Make sure ALL the important information (service packages, products, ect.) are on the site and easily accessible.

Most of all, make sure your website is useful.