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Question of the Week: How Do We Compete With China?

March 30, 2010

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Question of the Week: How Do We Compete With China? is a community of funeral directors right? Yes it is, and what do most communities across the US have every month? Town hall meetings where they discuss important topics. Are we trying to start a town hall meeting here? No, but want I am trying to start is conversation.

This question really has two parts: How do suppliers compete with China and How do funeral directors continue to offer American made product, but still stay price competitive with the competitor who is selling mainly Chinese product?

I have had those to questions asked to me more in the last 2 weeks than ever before. Our industry is definitely changing and the consumer is becoming (in our eyes) more price driven, but are they still willing to pay for American product?

Please join this weeks discussion on: How Do We Compete With China?

Please help us shed some light on what you are doing, as a funeral director or as a supplier, to compete with China.