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Funeral Industry: Connecting Through Social Networking

August 24, 2009

Funeral Industry: Connecting Through Social Networking

Social networking is a phenomena defined by linking people to each other in some way. Connecting Directors, Facebook, are both great examples of social networking. You can use social networking site for many different thing: connecting, sharing,or even promoting. There are many different networking sites out there. Some are better than others.

Connecting Directors has jumped head first into the social media/networking scene. Many social networks let you create a “group” and I have taken advantage of that. Creating a group is a great way to promote “something”. For example: I created a Connecting Directors group of Facebook, when someone searches Facebook for “funeral directors” or something with the word “funeral” in it the Connecting Directors group is one of the search results that is available. When the searcher visits the Connecting Directors group they are presented with a link to visit Also, Facebook is indexed by all of the major search engines. So this helps with a higher page rank.

I hope by reading this you can see where this could tie into you funeral home. Wouldn’t it be great if you started a Facebook group for your firm. You could ask families that you serve to visit your Facebook page and join, allowing them to leave you a wonderful review/testimonial on your group wall (message board). It might sound silly but anytime you firm name appears on a page that is indexed by a search engine this helps to boost your google rank. Which makes it easier for someone to find your funeral homes webpage during an internet search. I have used facebook as an example because almost everyone knows what Facebook is. There are many other social networks out there that will allow you to invite people to join your group or community. Connecting Directors lets you do that also. I encourage you to invite as many funeral industry people to Connecting Directors as you can!! To invite some by email to join Connecting Directors please Click Here.