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Turn Your DNA Into a Diamond! – Video

March 24, 2010

Turn Your DNA Into a Diamond! – Video

image During the ICCFA convention I had the opportunity to walk around and see all of the interesting products that were on display. Sometimes, I even had the chance to stop and did a quick video interview and find out more about the product. Below is a video interview I did with Tom Bischoff from DNA2Diamonds. His company grows amazing looking diamonds from DNA samples.

DNA2Diamonds offers this unique way to express your loss for a loved one, to allow yourself to mourn, remember and keep your loved one close. Creating a lab grown diamond in memory of your loved one not only symbolizes their life, but also enables you to watch it sparkle and shine with memories for generations to come.

Watch the video and let Tom share with you more about what DNA2Diamonds does.

The ICCFA Convention in San Antonio brought together some of the most progressive funeral industry professionals and vendors/suppliers. CDTV was able to interview some of them. Here is an interview we did with DNA2Diamonds.

Grow a Diamond From Your DNA from Ryan Thogmartin on Vimeo.