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The Boston Funeral Guide is ?Live? First Ever Local Funeral Planning Guide for Greater Boston

August 24, 2009

The Boston Funeral Guide is ?Live? First Ever Local Funeral Planning Guide for Greater Boston

Don?t want a mediocre funeral for your loved one? Check out the and explore your many Boston area options. ?There are people who don?t want a traditional funeral,? Rev. Lisa Donegan says, ?But they don?t even know they have a choice about how to proceed. You can educate people all you want, but in time of crisis, of mourning, people go to the fastest place they can, a funeral home. The funeral homes, though, have a small group of people they exclusively work with, such as the same ministers and chaplains. What my difficulty has been is helping people understand there is a different approach.?

That?s why she?s so pleased with the launch of the, the first-ever online guide for funeral planning in the Boston area. While several companies produce local wedding-planning guides, no one has created a local funeral-planning guide to inform consumers of their local funeral planning options.

“We want to help people know their options and plan what?s right for them. Thanks to the baby boomers, funerals are becoming more and more unique and personal.? says Anna Copley, cofounder of the

The is part of, a national funeral-planning Web site based in Seattle.

Nearly 30 categories are included in the Traditional categories include an interactive map of all the funeral homes in the region and a list of all the active cemeteries. Other categories offer more unique services such as a motorcycle hearse, ash scattering by boat or plane, dove or butterfly release, home funeral assistance, a funeral concierge service, anatomical gift programs, grief support services and bagpipers.

The Guide includes articles focused on local issues such as Boston Low Cost Funeral Tips, Massachusetts Green Funerals, Massachusetts Funeral Laws and other local funeral topics.

Finding the right person to conduct her mother?s service meant everything to Sarah Erlandson, who says other consumers should have the same ability to easily locate funeral resources. ?I am totally at a loss how ? grateful I am that my search for just the right person to conduct my mom’s memorial led me to her (Rev. Donegan),? Erlandson said.

The is a fantastic new resource for funeral planning in eastern Massachusetts.

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