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Coffin Academy on Nightline, Simulate Your Own Death

March 19, 2010

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Coffin Academy on Nightline, Simulate Your Own Death

imageI’m all good with pre-planning your own funeral, but this is going to the extreme:

Remember Coffin Academy, the self-help retreat in South Korea that lets you simulate your own death to be born into a new life? Nightline reporter Clarissa Ward went through the controversial seminar, which has participants write their wills, imagine saying goodbye to their loved ones and then lay inside a closed casket for a looooong five minutes. In theory, they?ll emerge from their coffins feeling renewed.

What struck me the most in this segment was the ?funeral,? where the ?dying? spoke about their life regrets. ?I?m sorry I that couldn?t get a better job.? ?I always told you I would do well and make something of my life but I was never a doer ?? So much focus on material success. When it?s my time to go, I hope my life will be defined by much more than my career.

Would you ever attend Coffin Academy?

Watch the Nightline segment below: