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When I Die, Make It a Skittles Celebration!

March 16, 2010

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When I Die, Make It a Skittles Celebration!

imageBeing at a funeral industry convention and looking at all of the new and innovative product can sometimes get your mind thinking about your funeral and what it will be like.

What really gets your mind thinking about your funeral is when you have the authors of the nationally recognized book: “Grave Expectations – Planning the End Like There’s No Tomorrow”, doing a book signing in your booth. That’s exactly what happened to me last week at the ICCFA convention.

I invited Sue Bailey and Carmen Flowers, Co-authors of a book about planning your own funeral. I began reading the book a few months ago and must admit, I never thought that planning your own funeral could be such a hysterical celebration.

The book definitely inspires you to think outside the box (no pun intended), and plan a celebration that is as unique as you are. The book is very humorous and does an amazing job showing death as something beautiful and special not dark and gloomy. Some even say in could inspire you to want to “Taste The Rainbow”.

While in the booth, Carmen and Sue, were selling and signing copies of their book. The conversation with people who bought the book were so entertaining. Some people really want their funeral to be a party, which is what this book is shooting for.

By the end of the day my mind had begun spinning again about my funeral and wanting something that was very unique and special to me.

While sitting in the San Antonio airport with my Dad, we began discussing industry related topics which lead to other discussions, and some how we got on the topic of candy. I then confessed my deep, deep love and passion for Skittles. I told my Dad how my fantasy was to live in a world where it rained Skittles, just like the Skittles commercial that used to be on TV. It sounds silly but there is just something about that fruity, chewy candy!

After my heartfelt confession my Dad said this, “You should be buried in a casket full of Skittles”. We both began to hysterical laugh, but then I realized that he was right, I should be buried with Skittles. Which lead to me thinking that everyone that attended my funeral should be given a bag of Skittles to eat during the service. And when the pallbearers carry my casket I want those in attendance to throw Skittles just like people throw rice at a wedding. Instead of filling my grave with dirt, how about Skittles? The last one might be a little to far fetched, but none the less I really want Skittles to be apart of my funeral!!

I must thank Carmen and Sue for being apart of the booth at the ICCFA Convention, without their book my Dad’s mind (and mine) would have never been opened up to the possibility of me being buried with Skittles.

Carmen and Sue where nice enough to allow me to offer, in our online store, a limited number of signed copies of their book. If you would like to purchase their book (highly recommend) please click here.

Here is one of my favorite Skittles commercials (I would love to have a Skittles leak)