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Clearing The Air on FuneralNet Article

March 4, 2010

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Clearing The Air on FuneralNet Article

imageI want to take a minute to clear the air regarding the article I posted yesterday “Impress Female Web Shoppers, The Secret to Winning More Calls? “, in response to an article sent out by FuneralNet (click here to read article). In absolutely no way was the article intended to accuse FuneralNet of not understanding the value of a web sites content, discredit their research, or portray their product or company in a negative light.

FuneralNet is a staple company in our industry, they have done years and years of research to help develop their product and have developed many websites that are very valuable. My article was not written to discredit any of that. I apologize to those who may have interpreted it that way.

My motive and goal of is to use an online platform to share industry news, information, and trends, in a timely manner, that will help progressive the funeral industry and funeral professionals into the future armed with the information they need to provide the best service and increase probability.

I am a big advocate for portraying the value of the funeral service and the funeral director to the end consumer. I feel, as an industry, we have taken a back seat in this area and have let outside people and some negative situations paint a picture of our industry to the public that is not true.

The easiest way to begin transforming the image of our industry is to start showing the value of the funeral service and funeral director starting with the funeral home website. After reading the article from FuneralNet, I misinterpreted their direction for the article. I have been informed that their stance on the content of the funeral home website is right inline with what I stated in my response, and content will be discussed in an upcoming article.

I hope that my stance on this issue is not taken as an attempt to degrade or devalue the product provided by FuneralNet and I look forward to reading and sharing their upcoming article directed at funeral home website content.

See you in San Antonio!!