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Frigid Fluid Co. Launches First Bottle Recycling Program for Funeral Industry

March 1, 2010

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Frigid Fluid Co. Launches First Bottle Recycling Program for Funeral Industry

imageFrigid Fluid Co., a leading manufacturer of mortuary products, announced this week that it is launching a customer recycling program. In an industry that generates an estimated 2.8 million bottles annually that’s a lot of bottles that may ultimately end up in landfills.

Frigid Fluid Co. uses plastic bottles made of totally-recyclable resin. The company recognizes the obligation to recycle as many of the bottles used for their products as possible. All customers who enroll in the program will receive a free recycling bin for direct collection according to their local waste management policies.

Many products are packaged in pint-sized plastic bottles and boxed 24 bottles per case, so recycling these bottles will save on a great deal of excess waste.

“We are the first in the industry to offer such a program,” says Steve Yeazel, operations manager of Frigid Fluid Co. “And, we are very excited to provide this green option to our customers.”

In the past few years, the green movement has certainly touched the death care industry and there is an ever-increasing public sentiment that greener methods should be available and introduced. And, that’s exactly what Frigid Fluid Co. is doing through this recycleable bottle program launch.

“Plastics manufacturers that I talk to are continually seeking additional recycled feedstock to use to make new products,” says Tim Pratt, recycling coordinator for the City of Roseville, Minn. “By collecting these bottles for recycling, we will take what used to be considered waste and turn them into a valuable commodity.”

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Source: Frigid Fluid CO.