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Casket Companies Slowly Dying – Company Advertises Cheap Caskets to the Public

February 26, 2010
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Casket Companies Slowly Dying – Company Advertises Cheap Caskets to the Public

imageFuneral directors and casket companies are in a very tough position these days. More and more people are choosing cremation and that generally means no casket. But now even with traditional services, funeral directors are not guaranteed a casket sale either.

It seems like the general public can get a casket anywhere. Walmart, Costco, Amazon, and there are even people opening up storefront casket shops in bigger cities. With the price of caskets from major distributors, funeral directors are finding hard to complete with these retailers, unless they themselves are inventorying discount caskets, which again is hurting the major casket players.

One thing, until today, I haven’t experienced is one of the many online websites, where caskets are sold, doing television advertising to the public. In was emailed a link to the following YouTube video, that was used as a television advertisement by If this becomes the norm then the funeral industry and casket companies could be in for a very rough ride. Lets hope that it doesn’t.

Watch the view below.