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Eternal Voicemail Lets You Stay Connected with Deceased Loved Ones

February 24, 2010

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Eternal Voicemail Lets You Stay Connected with Deceased Loved Ones

imageI just ran across this article from back in September. I am not sure how it got missed, but here it is. FYI: I find this service somewhat on the creepy side. What do you think?

Eternal Voicemail today announced the launch of its flagship product which provides grieving families with the ability to save and share the voicemail message of a recently departed loved one.

Eternal Voicemail technology transfers the loved one?s cell phone greeting and sets up a virtual voicemail box for friends and family to access. Callers can dial into a loved one?s Eternal Voicemail box to hear their voice anytime. In addition, callers have the option of leaving a message for their loved one which will be shared with immediate family members or friends.

?This is a 21st Century problem that our parents and grandparents didn?t have to deal with ? what to do with the cell phone service of a departed loved one?, said company founder Joby Schubert. ?Eternal Voicemail lets you cancel the expensive cell phone service,? Schubert added, ?but still keep their voice and message alive, plus share it with your social network.?

Eternal Voicemail was conceived after the company founders lost a good friend and co-worker last year. His cell phone message was the only voice recording the survivors had of their friend; so deleting it was out of the question. The idea of keeping his message led to the creation of Eternal Voicemail. Now, his greeting can be accessed by relatives and friends anytime they have a thought to share, or just want to hear his voice.

Eternal Voicemail is the first and only company offering customers the ability to save and share their loved one?s voicemail messages in this manner. The subscription service is available at

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