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Facelifts for the Dead – Vanity Overkill Reaches Mortuaries – Video

February 23, 2010

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Facelifts for the Dead – Vanity Overkill Reaches Mortuaries – Video

imageThe facelift business just got a boost from an unlikely place – funeral homes. More and more people are asking mortuaries to do more than fix hair and makeup. They are asking to look better in death than in life. Morticians have been asked to smooth lines, fix lips, even help sagging body parts for that one last big appearance.

?People used to say, just throw me in a pine box and bury me in the back yard,? says Mark Duffey, president and CEO of Everest Funeral, a national funeral planning and concierge service. ?But that?s all changing. Now people want to be remembered. A funeral is their last major event and they want to look good for it. I?ve even had people say, ?I want you to get rid of my wrinkles and make me look younger?.

Watch the video below.

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