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Tribute Video a Healing Tool for Those Who Grieve

February 18, 2010

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Tribute Video a Healing Tool for Those Who Grieve

imageLoss automatically triggers memory. So when someone loses someone close to them, a common scene would be the survivors picking up the photo album or pulling out an old home movie or video.

The funeral industry has been challenged by consumers to make memorial services more personal and reflective of the essence of the individual. With the help of Frazer Consultants, a funeral home can deliver to a family the personal experience they are asking for.

?Tribute videos, picture collages and online memorials are an integral part of 21st century bereavement ritual,? said Matt Frazer, a funeral consultant from Frazer Consultants, LLC. ?Face it. Images are a powerful facet of our culture. Just look at the visuals on CNN coming from Haiti, the photos in magazines after 9/11, the pictures in tabloids and the popularity of Facebook, YouTube and digital cameras. They?re all image-based. That phenomenon has carried over to the funeral industry, too.?

Frazer?s Wisconsin-based funeral consulting firm has recognized these societal changes and has responded. Its Tribute Center offers varied technical services and products, including its newly launched video tribute software.

?I think a video tribute is one of the most compelling tools a funeral home can use to help their families in the grieving process. The combination of music and images helps evoke emotion that offers healing. The process of going home to gather, sort and select photos one by one can play an integral part in the healing process. It comforts the living, and honors the memory of the person who has passed,? said Frazer.

However, cautioned Frazer, relying on companies not in the funeral business is always a little risky.

?Delayed delivery and mistakes are a constant worry, and it?s expensive to use those second-tier services,? he said. ?Trying to do a memorial video yourself under pressure isn?t such a good idea either. Outdated, off-the-shelf video tools can be frustrating and stressful, and there?s no technical help available if you run into glitches. That?s why my company decided to do something about this problem. Our software has been six years in the making, but we think we?ve got a winner!?

A funeral home using Frazer Consultants video tribute software can offer a grieving family:

? A video for the visitation hours and funeral service

? Unlimited selection of pictures to honor loved one

? Automatic photograph touch-up

? Access to large library of video clips

? Option to download songs or use music library

? Varied backgrounds and Life Journey themes

? Automatic transition and music sync features

? Professional motion effects for still photos

? Ability to post tribute video on Internet

? Memorial DVDs for family and friends

Frazer Consultants currently is offering a complimentary trial demo. For more information, go to or call 866-372-9372.

About Frazer Consultants, LLC

Frazer Consultants is a leading resource of funeral marketing and service technology, as well as personalized keepsakes and print materials. Headquartered five miles north of Madison in Waunakee, Wisc., the company?s team of funeral home consultants have served families and the funeral industry since 2003.