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AWFD Membership Lapel Pins are Here!

February 18, 2010
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AWFD Membership Lapel Pins are Here!

image?I?m really delighted with the way they look,? shared Kim Stacey, of the Association of Women Funeral Directors. ?I wanted to provide our members with a simple, yet elegant way to show the world that they?re a part of this new organization. And I couldn?t be happier with the way they turned out! I?m wearing mine every single day, you can bet. It?s testimony to my commitment to serving our members, to the best of my ability.?

If you?d like to be a part of the AWFD, and show your support for the women of funeral service, Kim urges you to join now. Member dues are $120.00 a year for licensed professionals and only $25.00 for students and apprentice directors. There are many benefits to membership, including $100 in free Life Tributes credits from funeralOne, a selection of ebooks, and audio files of all our monthly tele-events.

?We?re changing our format for these events, in order to reduce the stress on our current members. Asking them to interrupt their already busy days to join us in a tele-seminar just didn?t make sense; now we?re producing podcast presentations, which they can download, and listen to at their leisure,? shared Kim.

The AWFD is a new organization, created to support and inspire the women of funeral service ? ?to lead their best lives, and achieve the highest possible level of professional success.? For more information on the association, please contact Kim at