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Victoriaville Funeral Firm One of Canada?s Best-Managed Companies

February 17, 2010
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Victoriaville Funeral Firm One of Canada?s Best-Managed Companies

imageVictoriaville Group has become the first funeral-industry related firm to be named one of Canada?s 50 Best Managed Companies in the 17 years the awards have been presented.

The group, established in Victoriaville in 1948, is a third-generation family business that owns Victoriaville Funeral Supplies Inc., the country?s largest casket manufacturer and third biggest wood coffin maker in North America. It employs 450 people in five locations.

?We believe that there are three vital building blocks to sustainable growth: strategy, capability, and commitment,? John Hughes of Deloitte said in a statement yesterday. ?Victoriaville Funeral Supplies Inc. has demonstrated it is a model of success in all three areas.?

?We hope this nomination will be viewed as yet another example of our commitment to maintaining our position of leadership in the funeral industry throughout Canada and the United States,? said Tom Ross, Victoriaville Group national sales manager.

?The use of a wooden casket manufactured in Canada from forests effectively managed represents the most responsible choice to offer as a tribute to a lifetime,? noted group president Alain Dumont.

After a fire destroyed the manufacturing facility in 1998, Victoriaville spent $22 million to rebuild and susequently invested another $10 million in expansion projects for the largest total investment in the death-care supply industry in Canadian history.

The awards are sponsored by The National Post, Deloitte, CIBC Commercial Banking and Queen?s School of Business.

Source:Montreal Gazette