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An Undertakers Rhyme…Rappers Beware!!

February 10, 2010

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An Undertakers Rhyme…Rappers Beware!!

imageI don’t know how I find some of the articles I do, but I am glad I found this one.

Most people I talk to expect funeral directors to be very serious boring morbid people, but when I tell them about all the fun funeral directors like to have at conventions, they realize that they are just like “normal people”, whatever normal is!!

I found the following short “rhyme” on Inside919, which is a “Free Business Networking Community for Business Women and Men working and living within the 919 Area Code of North Carolina.”

The site was calling for local business people to “Promote Yourself and What You Do”, so funeral director David Heckel seized the opportunity!

David is the Advanced Planning Director at Bryan-Lee Funeral Homes, in North Carolina.

Davis submitted “An Undertaker’s Rhyme” ( watch out Eminem):

An Undertaker’s Rhyme

I like to think I’m a likeable fellow.

I’m easy to meet and I’m pretty mellow.

As a Funeral Director I’m really quite good

Helping folks be prepared, like you know you should!

Because one thing I can sure guarantee;

Eventually you’ll do business with someone like me!

I represent Bryan-Lee Funeral Homes.

We remain independent and locally owned.

Which gives us some flexibility

in the services we offer our families.

Please let me help you and yours to plan ahead.

I want to help you long before you are dead!

Source: Inside919