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This Has To Be Fake: Hearse Towed During Funeral

February 5, 2010

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This Has To Be Fake: Hearse Towed During Funeral

image Reportedly this is not a fake image, but it is almost to ridiculous to believe. Think about it… A hearse being loaded up on a tow truck and being towed away for illegally parking in front of a church, while the funeral procession is walking out of the church? If this is a real image then I fell horrible for the family.

This image was posted two days ago on Twitter by user @mattpluskate. Looking at the guys Twiiter stream he seems to be just a normal guy. It doesn’t appear that he posted this in hopes of gaining any popularity from it either. Blow is a bigger picture of the alleged towing and also a link to a YouTube video of the towing.

There is speculation that this could be for some TV show but know one knows. Check it out below.

Ok.. Here is a bigger image:

Here is the YouTube Video of the towing:

So what do you all think? Is this for real or not? Lets hear your opinion in the comments.

Source: @mattpluskate via