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Frazer Consultants Riding the New Wave in Funeral Home Stationery

February 4, 2010

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Frazer Consultants Riding the New Wave in Funeral Home Stationery

imageThe way to do personalization properly is to start with a blank piece of paper. Then shared memories are turned into words, and photographs are selected to create an iconic image that is personal, unique and specific. Frazer Consultant?s new Life Journey Celebration Stationery leaves the generic behind and allows a funeral home to work with a family to commemorate a loved one?s life well lived ? all from that same blank piece of paper.

?The current state of printing technology and our own research has created a perfect storm that could revolutionize the funeral home stationery process,? says Matt Frazer, president of Frazer Consultants. The company?s print-on-demand concept reduces the need for a wide variety of inventory and the funeral home will realize a savings on printing costs.

The starting point for the Life Journey Celebration program is an easy-to-use software package that offers more than 450 themes available to capture a loved one?s interests, hobbies or occupation. Each theme includes a layout for a register book, memorial folder, prayer card, acknowledgement, bookmark, sign and DVD packaging to allow funeral directors to provide their families with personalized stationery that matches any interest, hobby, occupation or religious background.

These themes act as a frame to allow a funeral home and a family to take the process a step further and incorporate personal family photos to create a truly unique expression that reflects personal memories of a loved one. The possibilities are endless.

To create the final product, a funeral home has the option to use its own printing equipment, or subscribe to one of Frazer?s three printing solution packages. ?We have fixed low cost-per-page programs,? Frazer says. ?Each package is based on a per click charge that requires the funeral home only pay per page printed, which helps reduce expenses. In a challenging economy, businesses that have more control over their costs enjoy a competitive advantage in the marketplace.?

The Life Journey Celebration program delivers the ?wow-factor? for the family because the package allows for endless design possibilities. ?When you talk about personalization, how can a funeral home be happy if they only have seven or eight themed packages? That?s a pretty narrow spectrum when you think about all the different interests, hobbies, occupations or religious backgrounds,? Frazer says. ?What we?ve developed is a way for funeral homes to get rid of all of their preprinted stock. The only thing they have to inventory with us is blank, perforated stock.?

For the family, they don?t have to be confined to a memorial template to create a personal tribute to a loved one, Life Journey Celebration Stationery lets every family create their own.

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