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Kizer and Bender: Perceptions Begin in The Parking Lot

August 21, 2009

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Kizer and Bender: Perceptions Begin in The Parking Lot

Did you know that buying decisions are being made in your parking lot? Did you realize that family members are judging your funeral home before they ever step one foot inside?

Your parking lot is often the first impression families receive when visiting your funeral home. Walk outside and take a look at yours: Is it easily accessible? Do staff members park in prime places meant for clients? Is the parking lot clean and well lit? Will families feel safe visiting your funeral home at night?

Make the best first impression possible with bright lighting, clearly marked parking spaces, and a smooth surface to walk on. You may also want to add a wheelchair ramp.


Even the most expensive exterior signing won’t do you any good if families and potential clients cannot see or read them. Take a look at your exterior signing and ask yourself these questions:

? Are each of your exterior signs positioned in the best places for visibility?

? If you have internally illuminated or neon signs, are they well lit and in good repair? Have you checked or replaced the bulbs recently?

? Does your sign work well with your funeral home’s architecture? And most importantly, is it easy to read?

? Does your exterior signing match what clients will find inside your funeral home? Make sure that your exterior signing ties in with your interior signing. Use the same type fonts, logos, etc.