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Save Time and Money by Shopping at

January 10, 2010

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Save Time and Money by Shopping at

image is pleased to announce the launch of their new website, which is set to revolutionize and redefine the way today?s funeral service professionals shop for their funeral homes and for themselves. is a one-stop shopping site designed for funeral professionals by funeral professionals. The site offers traditional funeral supplies as well as an unparalleled selection of name brand products needed by today?s funeral homes, including:

– Flat-Panel TVs & DVD players to play video tributes during calling hours

– GPS Devices to assist when traveling for removals or out-of-town funerals

– Computers, software, copiers, printers and other office equipment to help serve client families more effectively and efficiently

– Portable PA Systems to address mourners at calling hours and/or graveside services

– Coffee makers, microwave ovens, mini refrigerators, toaster ovens and much more for the funeral home staff and management to use during breaks

– Chairs, sofas, tables, desks, lighting, artwork & more to decorate the entire funeral home

And much, much more. currently has over 12,000 products and new products are constantly being reviewed and added to the website.

In addition, also carries products from renowned funeral industry suppliers such as The Last Quilt Company, SpartaCraft Inc., Bogati Urn Company, Stakmore Company Inc. & more. Industry-specific merchandise and supplies can be purchased only by funeral service professionals and must be shipped to verifiable funeral home addresses. is partnering with top companies to bring funeral professionals the best products at the lowest prices, all in one convenient and easy to remember location. Many of the products on qualify for free or low cost shipping, and each purchase is protected by an A-to-Z Safe Buying Guarantee.

The people behind are members of the Bergin family, whose funeral homes have served Connecticut families for more than 135 years. Knowing first-hand the long hours and deep commitment that funeral professionals devote to the families they serve, they designed as a time-saving, cost-effective alternative to traditional shopping methods. visionary Edward Bergin explains that the website was created as a management tool to provide customers with the best products available at the lowest prices possible, simplified ordering, on-time delivery and an all-around positive shopping experience. “As funeral professionals and colleagues in the industry, we have the highest regard for tradition in this sensitive business while we also recognize the need to keep pace with changing times and economics. We understand the challenges of dealing with the physical and emotional demands of the business, keeping the lights on 24 hours a day, and managing the business efficiently. Our goal is to make a valuable partner in the process.” is a member of the International Memorialization Supply Association. For more information or to place an order 24-hours-a-day, please visit website at