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How to Help Your Product Sell Itself – Part 2 – “Hot Spot” Cross Merchendising

August 21, 2009

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How to Help Your Product Sell Itself – Part 2 – “Hot Spot” Cross Merchendising

Every section of every fixture has what’s called a “Hot Spot Cross” ? the part of the fixture that sells the best. This is a good thing, because we all have a tendency to stop at the center of the category, and the Hot Spot silently points out important merchandise.

To locate the Hot Spot in any fixture, simply draw an imaginary cross through the center of the fixture. Incidentally, when you display several different brands, categories or themes on the wall, each one will have a Hot Spot.

Remember this: “Hot Spot and one to the right.” Since most people will reach for product with their right hand, the position just to the right of the center of the cross is an equally hot display area. Use this space to display new items, and to energize classic product that might be suffering from sagging sales.


If your displays are all set at the same height then you are likely putting clients to sleep. A monotonous line of items displayed at the same level around the perimeter of the selection room is boring. Vary the display heights when you can to highlight product and get the customer’s attention. In addition to exposing customers to more of your product assortment, a variety of heights will help you better manage your display space.


Visual Curve Merchandising involves the use of slanted shelves or fixturing to increase the customer’s visual strike zone ? the amount of product a client sees in just one glance. Look at the different areas of your selection room. Do you have interesting product laying flat on straight shelves? If you do, most people will miss this product as they peruse the selection room. Slanted shelving is a better choice for registration, guest and memory books.


Your clients make a value judgment based on their first 10 seconds inside your funeral home. What does your front entrance say to family members, visitors and other potential clients? Keep in mind that sensory signals (sight, sound, smell, touch and taste) play a role in the client?s perception. A friendly hello does, too.

This value judgment ? perception ? is completely based on physical surroundings. As your clients move through your funeral home these first impressions continue to happen each time they enter a new space. Your selection room is one place you want the first impression ? perception ? to be a good one. If clients move throughout the selection room without touching product, reading signs, or buying something, your selection room needs merchandising attention. Put the science of shopping techniques to work for you.


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