Dying for a Change: Social Media and the Death Care Industry [Infographic]

March 27, 2012

The below is a very insightful infographic that was put together mu MySendOff.com. This infographic is jam packed with very useful facts, many of the facts are almost commonsense, but to see the actually figures is eye opening. For example, I think it is very interesting that 68% of funeral directors say that social media has impacted their business, but very few funeral homes are actually embracing social media. Did you know that 78% of baby boomers are regularly online? Did you know that 1 baby boomer passes away every 49.5 seconds? Look at the inforgraphic below for more facts like this.


Dying For a Change: Social Media and the Death Care Industry

Please share in the comment section “What fact or stat on this infographic was more eye opening for you?”.



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